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  • CH JP
    Modern Service

    Benefiting from the regional advantage of Ningbo, Veken continues to see strong growth in its modern service industry, including financial service, trade and technology-supported real estate. The rise is both the cause and effect of exceptional performance in high-tech investment.

    Veken's comprehensive operational excellence, industrial experience and rich resources, unmatched in the industry, enable the company to achieve steady expansion and strive toward being professional and perfect. Through capital market operations, Veken optimizes the value of industrial chain by mergers and acquisitions, and is currently preparing to take a new subsidiary public.

    Veken is committed to achieve cross-industry collaboration among its modern service sector and high-tech investment sector. By acting together, both industries will be fueled with unlimited opportunities and access to new markets, technologies and other possibilities.

    Financial Services

    • Financial Lease

      Veken has been engaged in a comprehensive variety of financial services, including but not limited to financial lease, structured finance, operating lease, commercial insurance and business consulting. Based on industrial experience, Veken is specialized in financing, financial products designing, mortgage service and risk control. Presently, the financial services are provided to high-tech companies in the Yangtze River Delta region.

      The subsidiary, East Sea Financial Lease Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is an industry leader in financial industry in the Yangtze River Delta region. It has been elected as the president of Ningbo Financial Lease Industry Association. The vision is to be provide high-value financial products and services to the industry.

    • Supply Chain Finance

      Leveraging the enormous bulk commodity trade volume and warehouse storage capacity, Veken has been engaged in a broad range of supply chain finance, including pledge lending, supply chain lending, financial clearing and supervision services.

    • East Sea Financial Lease Co., Ltd.

    Supply Chain Services

    • Global trade chain

      Drawing on the regional advantage of Ningbo as a "gateway to the world", Veken has established integrated global commodity trade chain ranging from commodity-exporting countries, ports, designated exchange warehouses to domestic distribution channels. Adopting smart warehousing logistics system, Veken's commodity trade platforms in Ningbo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore support consistent, on-time supply of quality raw materials to Veken's new energy and new material business as well.

      Veken trades across sectors with products that include non-ferrous metals, precious metals, ferrous metals, agricultural products, chemical products and rubber. With aggregated transaction revenue of RMB 20 billion, Veken has demonstrated great market strength in China, particularly in the markets of copper, precious metals and other chemical products. The total transaction revenue of those commodities exceeds RMB 1 billion.

      Veken's professional trade teams have profound experience and expertise in dealing with import and export, domestic trade, financial investments and market research. The highly experienced professionals are specialized in hedging solutions, cross-market arbitrage, industrial chain arbitrage, managed futures and risk trend trading. The teams have necessary and appropriate financial tools including futures, options, swaps and mutual fund to help clients achieve their expectations.

    • Intelligent warehousing logistics system

      Veken is actively developing smart warehousing logistics. The subsidiary, Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Container Co., Ltd. owns designated exchange warehouses in China's major futures exchanges, including Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange and Ningbo Commodity Exchange. Veken's smart warehouse at Beilun Free-Trade Zone, takes up to an area of nearly 58 acres. The supply chain operation is managed by real-time ERP-based IT system, which facilitates the flow of information and allows greater visibility into all operations sectors while increasing speed, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Veken also owns another storage warehouse in Qingdao.

    • Implementation of integrated supply chain solutions

      Veken is full of rich management and practical experience in supply chain, finance, taxation, import and export trade and high-tech product. Basing on customer demand, we develop a supply chain solution integrating capital flow, business flow, logistics and information flow, which connecting The procurement, production, circulation, distribution and other upstream and downstream. It effectively shortens the supply chain cycle of high-tech enterprises, improves the capital efficiency of enterprises, as well as speeds up the listing of enterprise products, so as to obtain more market share.

    • Ningbo Veken United Trade Co., Ltd.
      Shanghai Hedger International Trading Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Veken Jia Feng Materials Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Zhi Chen Trade Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Dingfeng Zhiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Containers Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Gao Xin Logistics Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Hao Run He Trade Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Free Trade Zone Gao Xin Cross-Border Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

    Technology-Supported Real Estate

    • Technology-Supported Green and Healthy Home

      Founded in 1998, Veken real estate company has a development history of more than 20 years. It has the first-class national qualification real estate development. It focuses on the development and operation of healthy housing (including pension), science and technology plaza and high-tech industrial park. Based in Ningbo and radiating the key areas of Zhejiang Province, with a total development area of more than 5 million square meters, it is a member enterprise of CURA and ranks among the top real estate enterprises in Ningbo.

      Veken Real Estate is renowned for the quality construction, floor plan designing and breathtaking landscape. With the mission of "Home Technology Promotes Healthy Lifestyle", Veken is passionate about delivering the ultimate in home comfort by using smart home technologies. Veken designs and installs intelligent air purification systems, environment monitoring systems, smart home automation systems and the new generation "Internet of Things" at home. The "House" series, "Waterside" series and "Garden" series developed by Veken have earned various national awards in site planning, green technology, construction quality and scenic landscaping.

    • Technology-Supported Green and Healthy Home

      Despite the reputation in real estate development, Veken has built a trust with residential and commercial customers by offering unsurpassed property management services. Veken's outstanding property management team ranks top 1 in Ningbo. The "Veken?Waterside" community has been awarded as "The Exemplary Community of Property Management in China" and "The Most Beautiful Community in Ningbo".

    • Technology R&D Parks

      Based on the intensive industrial experience, Veken has launched a diverse series of technology centers, innovation and startup centers, as well as high-end office buildings in Ningbo CBD, Beilun Free Trade Zone, Dongguan, Jiujiang, Huai'an and Zhenjiang, totaling 500 acres. These properties include Moon Lake Jin Hui Tower (a "5A" Class office building with the best characters), Veken Tower, Haishu Auchan Shopping District, Ningbo Industrial Internet Institute industrial park, as well as other high-tech centers, CBD commercial districts and industrial parks in various locations.

      The innovation and technology parks have been remarkably successful in breeding a full range of high-tech companies, venture capital firms and startup companies. In support of high-tech innovation and scientific development, Veken provides the companies with IT resources, knowledge sharing platforms, e-commerce platforms and other related services.

    • Ningbo Veken Real Estate Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Veken New City Real Estate Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Veken West City Real Estate Co., Ltd.
      Zhenjiang Veken Real Estate Co., Ltd.
      Huai'an Veken Real Estate Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Veken Property Management Co., Ltd.

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