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  • CH JP
    High-Tech Industry

    Drawing on decades of experience in investment and management, Veken has solidified its advantages in strategic investment, industrial operation and capital deployment. With considerable capital advantage, professional operation teams and strategic partnerships including SDIC, Veken has built a high-tech industrial operation chain for the whole life cycle investments from angels, VCs, PEs, industrial operations to IPOs. Veken primarily invests in forward-looking, strategic industries as well as market resources and new business models.

    Direct Investment – As a Top 50 Venture Capital Company in China, Veken manages over RMB 15 billion assets and has maximized investment value in dozens of companies involving Feng Fan Stock, Teng Bang International, Dragon Management, Lily, Zhi Chun Technology, Cai Tong Securities and other industry-renowned companies. Over 80% companies in the portfolio have executed successful IPOs in China and pioneered transformative innovations in their respective industries.

    Investment Fund – As the managing partner of State Development & Investment Corporation (“SDIC”) with over RMB 50 billion investment capital under management. Veken is devoted to creating and improving value of world-class, industry-leading high-tech companies. The major investment projects include the first phase of SDIC Venture Capital Management Fund of RMB 12 billion, SDIC (Shanghai) Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Fund, SDIC Jing-Jin-Ji Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Fund, SDIC High-tech (Shenzhen) Venture Capital Fund, and the first phase of SDIC (Ningbo) Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Fund of RMB 10 billion.

    National Key Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Projects

    As the managing partner of SDIC, Veken focuses on marketization and industrialization of revolutionary scientific and technological achievements and makes investments in intelligent chips, information security, advanced manufacturing, energy technology, biomedicine and other strategic industries.

    • Intelligent Chips

      Cambricon Technologies Co., Ltd.(688256):A pioneer and the first unicorn startup company in the field of AI chips in the world. Cambricon Technologies has been engaged in developing specialized chips for deep learning processors and offering solutions to large-scale data processing of AI chips. It is also elected as one of the fifteen "World Internet Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements" at the Third World Internet Conference.

      Jin Rui Hong Technology Co., Ltd.:Specialized in developing and manufacturing semiconductors, it is the only Chinese company with complete manufacturing capacity and production lines of diversified silicon-based components and chips. With a major breakthrough in the 8-inch semiconductor silicon wafer field, it breaks up the technological blockade of foreign dominance and has become China’s largest manufacturer of silicon wafer.

    • Information Security

      HYPERCHAIN:A provider of enterprise-level blockchain platforms with technologies in container cloud, core algorithm and management facilities. It also provides solutions to data trading system, supply chain finance system and securities assets system.A developer of real-time risk control systems for financial institutions, with professional teams in financial transactions and risk management technology development.

      Qi ‘an Xin (688561) : In 2016, China National Investment Corporation (SINopac) led the investment and went public on July 22, 2020. As an industrial leader in China's network information security, it operates cloud security detection on web and cloud services platform and cloud security protection technology and let god intrusion defense system.

      21AT (835225):In September 2016, SDIC became a shareholder. 21AT is a service provider in independent remote sensing satellite transportation control and geospatial information big data service. It was the first to launch commercial remote sensing satellite operation and application in China. It has undertaken and successfully completed numerous major projects covering the 863 Program, Key Research Project of Ministry of Science and Technology and Special Industrialization Project of NDRC.

    • Advanced Manufacturing

      AMEC (688012) :A global micro-fabrication equipment company serving customers in the semiconductor industry and adjacent high-tech sectors. In July 2018, SDIC became a shareholder. The company's products include plasma etching equipment of medium, silicon hole etching equipment and MOCVD (metal organic compounds, chemical vapor deposition) equipment, application covers 65 nm to 5 nm process node. It boosts leading technology in etching industry.

      Kede CNC:A leading manufacturer with core technique to completefive-axis linkage high-speed high-precision CNC machine tools. It has become the only company in the world that has mastered the core technology in the numerical control system and many key components, and has created the company's unique “full industry chain” technology layout and core competition.

      Jingye Bearing (833157): A technical leader of high-power wind turbine bearing in China. The company's unique surface treatment technology of fan bearing won the second prize of 2017 National Technological Invention, which is the highest scientific and technological award won by the bearing enterprise since the founding of PRC.

      Fortune Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.:A manufacturer of high performance precision machine components. It executes a few National Major Scientific and Technological Projects such as "Very-Large-Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment and Completed Techniques" and manufactures precise machinery components for C919 Series and other machines.

      Piotech Co., Ltd.:A leading developer of ultra-thin film equipment for use in the large-scale integrated circuit industry. It undertakes a few National Major Scientific and Technological Projects and owns numerous IP rights.

    • New Energy Materials

      Farsoon Technology Co., Ltd.:the world's leading industrial 3D printing equipment and materials enterprise, which is founded by Dr. Xiaoshu Xu, a world-renowned leading scientist in select laser sintering (SLS) technology, is the only material manufacturer in the world with independent research and development and production capacity of equipment, materials and software.

      Microvast Co., Ltd.:A market leader in redesigning power system and providing battery storage solutions for electric vehicles.

      Honghui International Energy Technology Co., Ltd.:China’s best provider of flywheel energy storage products. It breaks up the technological blockade of foreign dominance in civil air defense industry by increasing the stabilization of satellite attitude by 1-2 orders of magnitude, which has great significance to national defense.

      Zhenhua E-Chem Co., Ltd.:A market leader in manufacturing cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. The core product, single crystal ternary anode material is of industry-proven best quality. It provides one third of the anode materials for IPAD globally.

      Gansu Rare Earth Co., Ltd.:An industry-leader that mines, smelts, extracts and processes rare earth minerals.

      U-bond Material Technology Co., Ltd.:A China-US joint venture listed in the New Third Board Market. Specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling adhesive sealing materials of electronics.

    • Ningbo Veken Investment development Co.,LTD.
      Veken Industrial Investment Management Co., LTD.

    AI Visual Data Series Project

    • State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Visual Computing

      Jointly set up by the Ministry of Public Security, ICT, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Public Security Technology Institute, the lab mainly provides solutions to municipal needs in public security police in Ningbo . On this basis, the lab transforms and applies the technology and experience of the police internet, Internet of things, big data applications to industries in various fields, from police informalization to involve new security, data security control and the whole society informatization construction.

      Based on the key Laboratory of Intelligent Visual Computing and relying on the massive video data resources of the public security system and the operational scene of public security, the lab carries out theoretical, basic, prospective and applied research on intelligent vision-related technologies for smart police, smart government and smart services.

    • Zhejiang Veken Vision Technology Co. LTD

      Jointly invested by Veken, SDIC, and Da Kai Information Technology, it is an industrial platform to promote the implementation and transformation of AI visual data scientific and technological achievements. It focuses on incubating high-tech enterprises and products in the field of intelligent vision, creating a ten-billion-level intelligent vision industrial cluster, and striving to become the NO.1 intelligent data company in China.

    • Building an AI visual data industry ecosystem

      It is building an AI visual data industry ecosystem with "artificial intelligence + police application" as the core, and an AI ecological industry cluster that integrates chip development, hardware development, software development, product development, system integration, service operation and other upstream and downstream industry chains around AI-related technologies, products and services.

    • Zhejiang Veken Vision Technology Co. LTD
      Zhejiang Da Kai Information Technology Co. LTD

    Industrial Internet Projects

    Veken initiated and co-founded Ningbo Industrial Internet Institute and successfully brought in highly distinguished scientists and research teams in the industrial automation industry. Veken is devoted to creating an innovation ecosystem within the industrial automation industry and nurturing the "1+N" mode of national innovation platform and industry cluster.

    • 1: Industrial Internet Institute

      Along with Prof. Chu Jian and his team, Veken and SDIC co-founded Ningbo Industrial Internet Institute with mission to fuel the industrial internet, industrial operation system, industrial apps and industrial control and safety system in China. This groundbreaking project is an effort to seed highly innovative companies, as well as advance the growth of industrial internet industry, intelligent manufacturing and industrial control technology in China.

      The major themes include "Made in China 2025" and industrial internet, with focus on incubating startups with disruptive innovations in intelligent manufacturing, robots, industrial internet of things ("IIOT") industries.

    • N-1: Industrial Operating System (supOS)

      A fully integrated plant information system, which is central to the project's success, is about to be launched. With eight functional modules running in parallel ranging from industrial big data integration platform, industrial artificial intelligent engines to industrial internet cloud platform, the system consolidates equipment technology, process technology, operating technology, automation technology and information technology into one management interface. Much like an industrialized Android system, supOS will set new industry standard for operational excellence in industrial organizations and advance China's intelligent manufacturing.In 2018, SDIC national Sci.& Tech. Fund and Ningbo Technology Fund jointly invested 200 million yuan.

    • N-2: Industrial Control System ("ICS")

      The talented research teams have independently developed a long and successful record of cutting edge security technologies and masters core principles and technology of mainstream ICS operations in both domestic and international context, remaining at forefront of technological development in ICS industry. The teams execute a number of critical national projects in ICS industry regarding military equipment, military technology, as well as infrastructure security in the Three Gorges Dam, China National Nuclear stations and Sinopec drilling sites.In 2018, SDIC Ningbo Technology Fund invested RMB 40 million.

    • N-3: Controller Chips

      Breakthroughs in the development of CMC (Control Module on Chip), VLSI (very-large-scale integration) and micro components have been achieved by the research teams. Potential applications involve IIOT industry, human-machine Interface and high-precision sensing measurement.

    • Ningbo Industrial Internet Institution Co., Ltd.
      Zhejiang Lan Zhuo Industrial Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd.
      Zhejiang Guo Li Wang An Technology Co., Ltd.
      Ningbo Supcon Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

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